Integrated Risk Management

Tackle the Risks of the Digital Revolution with an Integrated Risk Management Approach

Integrated risk management is transforming the way in which risk managers approach and manage technology-related risks and the interconnected nature of 21st century threats, writes Quin Rodriguez, vice-president, strategy & innovation at Riskonnect. The fourth [...]

Building Predictive Analytics into your ERM Framework

How bringing together siloed data points from internal and external stakeholders can optimise risk management and drive accurate decision-making, strategically, operationally, and situationally, writes Jim Wetekamp, chief executive at Riskonnect. Globalisation, technological advances, and sophisticated [...]

Riskonnect ClearSight Release Includes New Workers’ Comp Severity Prediction Capabilities

Riskonect ClearSight Spring 2019 Release includes four new capabilities, including the ability to accurately identify potentially adverse workers’ comp claims early in the lifecycle so action can be taken to improve outcomes all the way [...]