By Jim Wetekamp, CEO, Riskonnect

Healthcare professionals around the world are experiencing higher levels of burnout than ever before due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here Jim Wetekamp, CEO of enterprise risk management provider Riskonnect, tells us how employers can address this.

Burnout among healthcare workers was a chronic condition long before the arrival of COVID-19. This certainly spiked during the pandemic, approaching twice the rate of other industries. At the same time, I believe that employee burnout significantly increased in other industries, bringing greater awareness of – and hopefully attention to – the issue more broadly.

There have been efforts to address employee burnout both in and out of healthcare, but what we’re beginning to see is a more holistic and preemptive focus on maintaining and improving employee wellness that has accelerated as a result of the pandemic. COVID-19 served as a clear wake up call to the pervasiveness and impact of burnout. Three in ten healthcare workers are considering leaving the profession due to the emotional drain caused by the pandemic.

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