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    • Understanding risk as a competitive advantage.
      Companies need to manage risk as a competitive advantage by having an holistic view of the current and emerging risks they face. This article examines The importance of understanding the risk appetite and culture from the top of an organisation and designing a risk culture to match the appetite.
99% of companies believe risk capabilities are an important means to achieving their compliance objectives.
29% of these companies are only starting to achieve effective risk capabilities, despite belief in their importance.
    • Why companies are still struggling to build a culture of risk.
      What does building a positive ‘culture of risk’ entail, in the context of senior leadership? Jim Wetekamp, CEO of Riskonnect, suggests “to build a more positive culture of risk, firms need to ensure that they are in a position to have open and transparent discussions about risk at all levels.”
    • Five finance fines and how to avoid them.
      We take a look at five common fines in the financial services industry, and highlight how you can avoid these:

      ○ Operational failure
      ○ Money laundering
      ○ Conflict of interest
      ○ Chatroom crime
      ○ Cyberattack
90% of organisations recognise that risk management should focus on value creation, not mere risk avoidance.
  • The chief risk officer in 2025.
    As the chief risk officer role rises in importance, how is it set to evolve in the next few years? The global nature of business provides financial institutions with huge opportunities and benefits for the future. In equal measure however, these greater connections create more challenges and potentially risks.

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