Spreadsheets might be your biggest risk of all.

The cost of spreadsheet errors ranges from embarrassing to catastrophic – for finances as well as reputation. Something as simple as a missing minus sign, out-of-place parenthesis, or cut-and-paste error can have a billion-dollar impact.

Yet spreadsheets remain the number-one tool for managing risk and compliance.

Without question, spreadsheets are a handy and powerful personal productivity tool. But what starts out as relatively simple analysis can quickly grow into an exceptionally complicated application, requiring thousands of moving parts to accomplish what you need.

If you are hanging on to your spreadsheets because they’ve done a fine job so far, chances are, they aren’t working as well as you think. Download this e-book to start evaluating whether spreadsheets are the right tool for what you need now – or if it’s time to make a change.


  • How much time is spent collecting information for renewals?
  • How accurate is your data?
  • Are formatting inconsistencies slowing down the process?
  • Who is checking the accuracy of your spreadsheets?
  • Are you using the right version?
  • How secure is access?
  • Are you making decisions without a clear view of the total picture?
  • Are you getting the reports you need when you need them?
  • What’s the true cost of using spreadsheets to manage risk?
  • When is it time to consider an alternative solution?

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Still managing risk with spreadsheets

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