Rev Up Your Claims Dashboard and Steer toward Success

Dashboards might be the best-kept secret in managing claims effectively. A well-executed dashboard shows you everything you need to assess the health of your claims operation at a glance. You can find answers and [...]

Survey: Benchmarking Anti-Bribery and Corruption In Business Today

In today’s media-driven, socially connected world, it’s difficult for companies to hide any mistakes at all—let alone major foibles like instances of bribery and corruption. Yet, such instances are all too common—and damaging—for a [...]

Considering a board-level risk committee? Consider this, first.

Yes. No. Maybe so. Is your organization struggling to determine whether it should establish a board-level risk committee? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, unless your organization is subject to a regulatory requirement [...]

Bridge the Talent Gap with Risk Management Technology

Luring young professionals into insurance careers requires more than deploying recruitment tactics like social media blitzes and career fairs. It requires creating roles that have meaning to this altruistic generation—a [...]

New Year’s Resolutions For Risk, Insurance and Claims Professionals

The new year is an opportunity to find the energy and inspiration not only to tackle our personal goals, but to also tackle professional and organizational goals—particularly those related to the risk, insurance and [...]

Slips, Trips And Falls…Oh My! Combat Related Injuries.

The prevalence of slips, trips and falls in the workplace is enough to make any risk, safety or claims manager throw up his or her hands in despair. With more than 25,000 such incidents happening [...]