By Brian Zawada, Riskonnect
Published by Continuity Central, January 9, 2023

Increased geopolitical tensions, cyberattacks, supply-chain issues, and continued pandemic-related fallout prompted a growing number of organizations to take a decidedly more strategic approach to business continuity and operational resilience in 2022. Many of these issues are spilling over into 2023 –  and new risks are on the horizon.

Here, Brian Zawada FBCI highlights eight threats to watch as part of your business continuity and operational resilience program:

  1. Supply-chain challenges

In 2021, goods were stuck on cargo ships. In 2022, energy costs skyrocketed. The energy crisis that arose from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a good reminder of the ongoing role fossil fuels play in the modern world. Cost and scarcity of energy continues to affect extended supply chains globally. How might energy shortages impact your suppliers, your customers, and your operations?

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