By Elliott Yama and Brian Zawada, Riskonnect
Published by DRJournal, October 10, 2022

You’ve probably heard the three letters “ESG” used together as part of a risk management or compliance discussion, but what does the acronym really mean? And why are we publishing an article in DRJ talking about its relationship – or potential relationship – to business continuity and resilience?

Simply put, there is a strong relationship with shared goals and objectives between ESG and business continuity across the entire enterprise. For example, a lack of sustainability is a threat to continuity and resilience. Poor alignment with customers’ values is a threat to continuity. And failing to proactively manage the consequences of changing climate conditions throughout your supply chain – internal and external – only increases the likelihood of disruption.

The purpose of this article is to formally introduce the topic of Environmental, Social, and Governance – or ESG – to the business continuity and resilience profession. We also will highlight areas of overlap between these two important disciplines within integrated risk management (IRM) and explain how it can positively impact your organization.


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