Why Vendors Need to Be Part of Your Claims Team – For Real

The claims vendor list is long – attorneys, medical professionals, auto-repair shops, contractors, medical case managers, and the all-important TPA. Not only are you spending good money for their services, these vendors represent your company. [...]

New Year’s Resolutions For Risk, Insurance and Claims Professionals

The new year is an opportunity to find the energy and inspiration not only to tackle our personal goals, but to also tackle professional and organizational goals—particularly those related to the risk, insurance and [...]

Pressure for Vendor Consolidation Increases: Don’t Lose Out on Services or Technology You Need

Vendor Consolidation As the name implies, vendor consolidation the act of consolidating, or reducing the number of vendors a company is spending money on, on a monthly or annual basis. Organizations are overwhelmed by [...]

Manage Your Reputation, While Still Managing Vendors From Around the World

Recent judgement in Conflict Minerals Rule litigation elicits conversation about the importance of compliance versus proactive reputation management when it comes to vendor management around the globe.  To be, or not to be compliant, that [...]