Ever wish you had a few more hours in your day? Just think … you might even be able to get to the good stuff on your to-do list – like strategizing ways to better protect your organization.

Instead, you’re probably stuck in an endless loop of emails to track down current values, cutting and pasting spreadsheets with the responses you did get, or trying desperately to cobble together a report with data the C-suite requested.

Believe it or not, your wish for more time can actually come true – and you don’t even need a genie to do it.

The magic comes from exposure management software. By automating virtually every step of the values collection process, software collects values in a fraction of the time it would take to do the same thing via spreadsheets. So a process that previously took 50 hours can now be completed in just 10. And just like that, you have 40 extra hours to analyze what that data really means for your risk program and for your organization.

Cut Values Collection Time by as Much as 75% – or More
software vs spreadsheet

Pretty impressive, right? And that’s not all. Exposure management software also eliminates most of the pain and frustration that’s long been the hallmark of the values collection process. Faster AND better … sounds like another wish granted.

What’s Behind the Curtain?

  • Survey-style questionnaires make sure data is entered accurately and consistently.
  • Automatic follow-up emails are sent to any collector who hasn’t responded by the deadline.
  • On-demand reports pull any data field into a graphic report that makes complex information easy to understand.
  • Ready-to-go data means you can submit values to the market with just one click, no consolidation, data entry, or formatting required.

With exposure management software, you get the right data, in the right form, at the right time. Poof! That’s three wishes granted. Not only will you get better insurance renewals (underwriters love accurate and complete valuations!), you can feel confident in every other decision that rides on exposure data.

May all your wishes come true.