It’s not uncommon when vendors try to instill fear, uncertainty, and doubt when they realize the value two RMIS powerhouses like Riskonnect and ClearSight can bring, not only to the market, but possibly to the vendors’ own customers. Some RMIS-only providers probably make scary accusations because they may not have done right by their own customers, so they would expect other providers do the same. It is becoming quite obvious the more tactics they use, the more concerned they are. And they should be. The Riskonnect roadmap integrates both platforms to accelerate time-to-value for all its customers – taking advantage of the power of both platforms.

We know there are plenty of rumors out there. Here are some facts to put the rumor mill to rest:

Question 1: Will we have to migrate to a new system? How long would that take? What are the contingency plans should the process take longer than expected, or worse, fail?
We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – there is NO migration.  We are building a technology foundation that provides access to enhanced functionality, regardless of which system is in use.  No contingency plan needed. The great news is that customers will be able to take advantage of new capabilities, such as the GRC suite, available from a common-user interface, integrated data sources, and single sign-on – regardless of what platform they’re on.

Question 2:  Will the system be flexible enough to replicate existing screens, workflows, and reports used on a day-in, day-out basis?
Customers invested in their system and processes of choice. Our job is to protect those investments, while delivering new sources of value. There is no need to replicate screens, workflows, or reports.

Question 3: When it comes to functionality, will you be losing anything?
Nothing is lost – and everything is gained.  Riskonnect now has the most powerful RMIS platform on the market as part of its integrated risk management solution. Our customers are able to take advantage of the combined strength of two leading platforms.

Question 4: Will the new system be compatible with other systems?
We want to be clear – this isn’t a new system. Customers remain on their current platform and access new capabilities from a common user interface, integrated data sources, and single sign-on. Integration with other systems is a critical capability and will continue to be supported and expanded.

We’ve made great progress in a short amount of time, thanks to collaboration with customers like you. And the momentum is growing. Stay tuned!