August 5, 2020 —

Platform enhancement increases patient safety and quality of care and enables healthcare organizations to easily collect data and report on practitioners’ performance.

ATLANTA – Riskonnect, the leader in integrated risk management (iRM) solutions, has released a new feature within its Healthcare Patient Safety and Risk Management solution to help customers comply with the Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation (OPPE) standard. The enhanced platform equips healthcare organizations with the tools to regularly collect data and report on practitioners’ professional performance.

“Practitioner competence and performance feedback are integral to patient safety and quality of care. But performance reviews can be difficult to execute quickly and effectively, especially when data is siloed and indicators vary across disciplines,” said Andrea Brody, chief marketing officer at Riskonnect. “Our platform enhancement centralizes and standardizes the data required for reporting, making it easier for healthcare organizations to conduct these evaluations as often as they need. The solution provides a clear, holistic view of practitioner performance, leading to improved patient outcomes.”

The Joint Commission issued the OPPE standard, mandating healthcare organizations to evaluate practitioner professional performance on an ongoing basis as part of granting and maintaining proactive privileges. Detailed reviews should be conducted at least twice a year to monitor professional competency, identify areas for performance improvement, and leverage objective data in decisions on continuance of practice privileges.

Riskonnect’s enhancement is designed to help healthcare organizations meet and exceed the OPPE requirements.
The new capability enables customers to:

  • Evaluate practitioner performance against multiple departments and specialties with standardized organizational indicators within an OPPE indicator library. Rate, rule, and review indicator types are supported with customizable competencies.
  • Effectively communicate with the right personnel through predefined letters and email templates. Automated email notifications and reminders streamline work processes.
  • Verify accurate results with an integrated approval system. The OPPE Control Administration feature gives facilitators of the OPPE process the tools they need in one place for effectively managing and monitoring the OPPE evaluation period.

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Abigail Holmes
Corporate Ink for Riskonnect