Leading risk management technology provider releases new functionality to significantly speed up business continuity plan creation

February 13, 2024 09:00 AM Eastern Standard Time
ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Riskonnect, the leader in integrated risk management (IRM) solutions, today announces generative AI-powered enhancements to its Business Continuity & Resilience solution. The software now leverages generative AI to suggest new content when business continuity and disaster recovery professionals draft or update important documents, including business continuity plans, business impact analysis, and incident templates. The enhancement significantly streamlines the traditionally time-intensive business continuity planning process.

“Generative AI is a powerful technology that holds immense potential for transforming the risk function,” said Kathryn Carlson, senior vice president of product management at Riskonnect. “By integrating AI into our Business Continuity & Resilience solution, we’re empowering our customers to create more comprehensive business continuity plans faster and increase their preparedness and ability to respond to disruptions. We’ve innovated with AI for over a decade and this latest development reflects our ongoing dedication to leveraging the latest advancements to drive value for our customers and revolutionize how businesses identify, assess, and respond to risk.”

Riskonnect has a dedicated innovation lab that explores new risk management use cases for AI in collaboration with partners and customers. The technology provider is committed to expanding and enhancing the applications of AI across its platform.

The ongoing integration of AI into Riskonnect’s integrated risk management platform will help companies transform the way they manage risk in several ways, including enabling organizations to identify their most critical risks, assess their potential impact, and propose mitigation strategies for specific threat events. Companies will also be able to better simulate diverse scenarios including financial crises, cyberattacks, natural disasters, and supply chain disruptions to boost their preparedness for such events. Predictive models that forecast future risks will empower professionals to make better decisions and evaluate various strategies more effectively.

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Riskonnect is the leading integrated risk management software solution provider. Our technology empowers organizations with the ability to anticipate, manage, and respond in real-time to strategic and operational risks across the extended enterprise. More than 2,500 customers across six continents use our unique risk-correlation technology to gain previously unattainable insights that deliver better business outcomes. Riskonnect has more than 1,100 risk management experts in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. To learn more, visit www.riskonnect.com.

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