HRD, October 18, 2023

Most organizations are “slow” to respond to the threat of generative AI in workplaces, despite the risks being broad and interconnected, according to a new report from Riskonnect.
In a survey among over 300 risk and compliance professionals worldwide, Riskonnect found that 93% of organizations are already acknowledging the risks associated with using generative AI in the workplace.
According to the respondents, the top generative AI concerns include:

  • Data privacy and cyber issues (65%)
  • Employees making decisions based on inaccurate information (60%)
  • Employee misuse and ethical risks (55%)
  • Copyright and intellectual property risks (34%)

Jim Wetekamp, CEO of Riskonnect, said the rise of generative AI shows how quickly the risk landscape evolves. “We’ve officially entered a new generation of risk,” Wetekamp said in a statement.

Despite these risks, however only nine per cent of the respondents said they are prepared to manage the threat.

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