Riskonnect is proud to announce FoundationONE, a new platform integration strategy that consolidates all areas of risk – strategic, compliance, operational, financial, security, reputational, and health & safety – into one view to give customers the clearest, most comprehensive view of risk possible.

FoundationONE seamlessly integrates independent components, including applications, modules, and devices, into a common user experience. It uses a unique risk-correlation engine to integrate, connect, and correlate risk relationships to show the true impact of each risk.

Specifically, FoundationONE simplifies and strengthens risk decision-making by:

  • Providing a single source of truth and advanced data analytics
  • Aligning platform configuration directly with business processes
  • Extending risk visibility by removing silos between risk types

“FoundationONE is an important step in reinforcing our commitment to the Platform Promise made to ClearSight customers when the acquisition was announced in July 2018,” says Andrea Brody, chief marketing officer.  At that time, Riskonnect pledged to:

  • Continue to support and enhance the systems currently in use, while educating customers on the full breadth of Riskonnect capabilities.
  • Invest and upgrade across all solutions – without any mandate to migrate.
  • Provide the same – or better – service and support through a dedicated Customer Success team.
  • Extend all customers access to expanded capabilities in integrated risk management.

In addition, the Riskonnect ClearSight Spring 2019 release is now available, which includes two major new integrated risk management capabilities:

ClearSight GRC Integration allows ClearSight users to quickly access Riskonnect’s full breadth of integrated risk management capabilities, including Enterprise Risk Management, Vendor Risk Management, Governance & Compliance, and Internal Audit.

The Workers’ Compensation Severity Models accurately identify potentially adverse workers’ comp claims early in the lifecycle so action can be taken to improve outcomes all the way around. The software uses data from millions of workers’ compensation claims across a wide range of industries to calculate a severity score, along with the expected duration of a claim. Key influencers, such as age, gender, body part, and jurisdiction, also are highlighted for easy reference.

The release also adds numerous enhancements to the functionality of existing capabilities.
Please schedule a demo to see all of the new and enhanced features in Riskonnect ClearSight.