As is often the case following the news of an acquisition, there are rumblings and rumors about what Riskonnect’s pending acquisition of Marsh ClearSight will mean for customers of both companies. We would like to set the record straight: The bottom line is that it will be purely positive for all parties. These two companies are coming together because their offerings are highly complementary. The fact is that now Marsh ClearSight and Riskonnect customers will experience more choices, deeper value and expanded global support.   

Each organization brings unique leadership positions in a variety of industries. When combined, customers will have access to a leading network of industry expertise to better serve their needs, share best practices, and partner together to make their jobs easier, faster, and more effective. Marsh ClearSight customers will continue to use the same great solutions and services as they do today but will have the bonus of access to Riskonnect’s expanded integrated risk management capabilities (GRC, ERM, and other value-added capabilities.) Customers can be confident they will receive the best from both organizations along with continued investment in Marsh ClearSight products.

In turn, Riskonnect customers will have an opportunity to leverage extended functionality related to improved support for self-insured captives, TPA’s, brokers, and pools. In addition, there will be access to industry-pioneering RMIS technology and innovative data management and analytical benchmarking assets. Our healthcare customers will see the strongest combined healthcare offering related to RMIS, patient safety, and physician underwriting.

Combined, this new organization will provide customers a single provider for all their risk management needs. It will deliver increased customer value through expanded industry expertise, a global service network, and an expansive integrated risk management solution.

So, while others within the industry may continue to churn out rumors and attempt to instill worry into current customers of both Marsh ClearSight and Riskonnect, the truth remains that excitement is brewing within both customer bases because they understand the significant benefits they will reap. Our combined footprint of over 500 employees serving more than 900 customers across the world will have the scale, technology, and experience to create a more reliable, responsive, and consistent global experience for all customers, current and future.