Riskonnect ClearSight Fall 2018 software release includes three new applications – Allocations, Asset Manager, and Audit – as well as numerous enhancements to functionality.

Riskonnect’s Allocations app calculates shared insurance costs easily and fairly across the organization. You can:

  • Evaluate different scenarios, preserve historical methodology, and factor multiple policy periods/years into the same allocation.
  • Verify compliance, generate premiums, and print invoices.
  • Improve transparency by archiving allocation methodology, creating an audit trail, and getting insight into each location’s risk profile.

Riskonnect’s Asset Manager app tracks important information about vehicles, buildings, tools, machinery, and other valuable assets so you can quickly find what you need. You can:

  • View and manage assets by location.
  • Track the asset type, location, value, insurance policies, and other critical information.
  • Incorporate asset information into claim or incident records.

Riskonnect’s Audit app tracks and manages health, safety, environmental, and quality issues to ensure compliance, gauge progress, and evaluate results against past audits. You can:

  • Automate processes like email notifications to assign tasks, follow up, and escalation for better efficiency.
  • Track a complete view of action items, target dates, and expected costs.
  • Monitor safety program effectiveness by benchmarking performance by region and/or location and comparing results with past scores.

The release also adds new features to existing applications. For example, a new merge function was added to the Intake app that automatically combines multiple submissions of the same incident into one record.

Please schedule a demo to see all of the new and enhanced features in Riskonnect ClearSight.