March 19, 2020 —

Complimentary access to pandemic risk data and analytics enables companies to quickly respond to rising risk concerns and disruption.

ATLANTA & LONDON – Riskonnect, the leader in integrated risk management (iRM) solutions, has released a new Coronavirus Tracker to help customers address risk impacts caused by COVID-19. The capability will enable companies to accurately understand their risk exposure related to the virus and make faster, more informed risk mitigation and management decisions.

“When facing a widespread risk event like the coronavirus outbreak, organizations must move quickly to understand where they’re at risk, assess the cumulative impact, and start mitigation,” said Andrea Brody, chief marketing officer at Riskonnect. “Speed and intelligence are critical for protecting business assets, employees, customers, supply chain partners, stakeholders, and surrounding communities. We’re providing complimentary access to ensure our customers have updated and accurate pandemic information, positioning them to take immediate action.”

The new feature is available for free to all Riskonnect and ClearSight customers. Customers can track the spread of the virus in relation to their unique business assets, prioritize risks and mitigation procedures, and manage workflows in real time from a single platform. The data is curated and made available from Domo, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and Johns Hopkins University.

“Everyone needs to do their part during this pandemic. While our offering is small in scale relative to the massive commitments being made across the world, we’re helping the best way we know how. We’re committed to being there for our customers when and how they need us. Helping them navigate this uncertainty is no exception,” added Brody.

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Abigail Holmes
Corporate Ink for Riskonnect