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Are you ready for new federal vaccination requirements?

As the pandemic rages on, tracking who is fully vaccinated, who is partially vaccinated, and who has opted for regular COVID-19 testing has become an essential part of keeping employees safe. Doing that efficiently, however, can be a big challenge. And with new federal regulations on the horizon, gathering this information in an organized, secure way has taken on new urgency.

Easy and Secure Vaccination Tracking

Riskonnect’s COVID-19 Immunization Tracker software compiles and tracks the vaccination and testing status of employees, visitors, and vendors. Individuals upload vaccine documentation via secure portal from any device with an internet connection. The software automatically sends alerts when it’s time for a second shot, booster, or COVID-19 test.

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Immunization and vaccination reporting

Gathers Proof of Immunization Status

  • Provides a secure portal for document upload.
  • Grants access to employees, visitors, vendors, and more.
  • Automatically reminds users when it’s time for the next shot or COVID-19 test.
Compliance management with covid vaccinations

Facilitates Vaccination and Test Reporting

  • Accepts COVID-19 test results from anywhere at any time.
  • Integrates with third-party testing providers.
  • Automatically updates employee test results with current data.
Gathers proof of immunization status

Manages Compliance and Accommodations

  • Monitors accommodations and adjustments for business or employee needs.
  • Tracks employee immunization status through configurable dashboards, legally authenticated e-signatures, and multilayer security.
  • Maintains HIPAA and SOC2 compliance.

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