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Global Medical Technology Provider

Riskonnect RMIS: Legal Module

The Riskonnect system is more than a RMIS, it is a fully configurable risk management work platform! Now you can finally unite your organization’s different business units for a more holistic view of enterprise-wide insurable, operational and strategic risk. Our clients use the Riskonnect risk management work platform to send monthly emails to multiple law firms, providing them with links back into Riskonnect to access current litigation, and providing updates of each case the firm currently handles. Riskonnect clients regularly communicate claim information, manage their contacts, and enter MMSEA information. The Riskonnect Legal Module empowers our clients to manage their legal processes, gain efficiency through automation, increase compliance with requests for information, and improve overall data quality.

Legal Module



Global Medical Technology Provider


The Client needed a reliable, configurable system to accommodate their specific industry and business needs to product liability matters and MMSEA reporting.


Riskonnect Solution

Apart from the ease of interfacing with numerous internal and external systems, such as TPAs and Financial/HR systems, the Riskonnect risk management work platform easily interfaces with Counselink and LEDES to provide payment detail information. Users are able to enter product liability matters, including claim details, forms, MMSEA information and reserves. Contacts and property information are easily entered/maintained, and the system accepts all file types. Users in the field upload files and enter/manage claim information directly from their smartphones or tablets, and every change within the Riskonnect system is part of the audit trail.  

The Riskonnect system provides the Client with alerts and reminder notifications to manage their product liability matters and to keep track of important legal deadlines. Automated workflows ensure users never miss a deadline, and matters can be automatically escalated to supervisors based on Client-defined criteria. Field validations improve data quality and ensure consistency in data entry. Users can produce sophisticated reports and charts, whether through the use of standard reporting templates or through the system’s powerful ad hoc reporting functionality, with results returning in a fraction of a second.  

The Client appreciates the incredible flexibility of the Riskonnect work platform, and the ability they have to create or change existing fields to support changes in the litigation landscape, either on their own or with the help of their Riskonnect account management team. They have even modified the system to accommodate their need for management of internal company comments and complaints.  

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