The Joy of Changing Lives Through Risk Technology By Riskonnect

The Joy of Changing Lives Through Technology

One of the most satisfying aspects of working at Riskonnect is the vision shared throughout the organization that we exist to create life change for our clients. There is a sincere attitude around Riskonnect that everything we do should be motivated by a desire to change the way our clients use technology in order to free them to focus on more strategic and higher valued activities. It is very affirming to hear client after client actually use the phrase, “It has changed my life,” when describing their experience with Riskonnect.

During a recent conversation with the Risk Management team of one of our client’s I received an enthusiastic response concerning the vast improvement in the annual property renewal process.  They described the old process where over 80 location managers were responsible for submitting values and exposures each year. They described the tedious frustration of creating tons of spreadsheets, emailing them out, manually watching the inbox for receipt of updated spreadsheets, phoning and emailing follow-ups, cutting/pasting and so on.

The person responsible said the new process, which was completely automated by Riskonnect, had eliminated these frustrations and allowed her to oversee a “well-oiled machine” that produced a beautiful and accurate submission with the push of a button. She closed by exclaiming that the new process had saved her 60 hours and given her confidence in the accuracy of the information.

Upon my prompting, she agreed that her life had indeed been changed by this new way of doing renewals; but the thing she and her boss were most excited about was the life change the new process provided for their 82 location managers. They described how the managers were able to complete their task with all of last year’s information organized and displayed, and the ability to update the information with just a few clicks in a very user-friendly web-based interface.

In essence, risk management was able to relieve frustration multiplied 82 times. It occurred to me that the real power of the technology was the ability to be an agent of life change for others. It proves the old adage that real satisfaction comes when we are able to give rather than receive.

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