By Andrea Brody, CMO, Riskonnect
Supply Chain Digital

Global recession changes how firms must handle supply chain risks, says Andrea Brody, chief marketing officer at risk-management specialist Riskonnect.

Today’s supply chains are no strangers to disruption. Organisations have had to grapple with a variety of disruptive forces – severe supply constraints, record inflation, heightened geopolitical risk, and more – all at once.

Many leaders say their supply chain is still not operating normally, and do not expect supply chain to return to normal until at least 2024.

Supply chain performance has a direct impact on business continuity and resilience. One hiccup within the value chain has the potential to create knock-on effects that could bring the business to a halt.

The organisations that take steps now to bolster their supply chains will be in a better position to maintain operations and quickly bounce back from future events.

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