Problem: A large multinational company had a pressing need to get injured workers back on the job – and drive down its workers’ compensation costs. The company had plenty of data, but no good way to capitalize in it. Specifically, it needed better intelligence to help its claims handlers focus their limited time on reviewing those claims that would make the biggest difference.

Solution: Riskonnect ClearSight helps the company identify potential high-cost claims that are good candidates for early intervention. The software applies a consistent methodology to weed out routine claims and predict those that are most likely to grow out of control. Instead of simply listing the most expensive claims, however, the software also detects claims where a more hands-on approach would help get an injured employee back to work quicker and safer.

Results: The company now can accurately predict a high-risk claim the second it comes in the door. With ClearSight, the company can make better frontline decisions and be smarter about using its resources. Being able to connect the dots between cost and care has helped the company substantially reduce workers’ compensation costs – and do the right thing for its employees.

RMIS Buyers Guide

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