Making The Vision A Reality: The Road To Digitizing Risk Management

Managing a complex risk operation with a largely manual spreadsheets can feel like herding a thousand cats. Routine tasks like collecting, validating, and consolidating hundreds of data points from many stakeholders in different departments across the organization can take weeks – if you’re lucky.

Over the past decade, Boston Scientific has moved from a manual spreadsheet environment into a leading RMIS-centered operation for the life sciences – which includes tracking its large and complex clinical trial program and using that data to improve insurance management.

Boston Scientific’s Cyndi Acocelli joins Riskonnect and Redhand Advisors to share her real-life experience along this path, including best practices, pitfalls, and the importance of having a true partnership with a technology provider.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to think before you upload – planning strategies for data integrity
  • How to think about configuration and customization
  • What to look for in a RMIS vendor and long-term partner

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