Software that can help uncover the real cause of an event to prevent future sentinel events

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Are you able to identify underlying problems
that increase the likelihood of errors?

RCAs are a critical safety improvement and risk management tool. But in many healthcare organizations, they aren’t being conducted frequently enough, fast enough — or used to drive corrective actions.

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Solve the Problem at the Source

Riskonnect’s Root Cause Analysis software provides a systematic process for determining the cause of incidents and claims so you can understand the problem, address the issues, and prevent future risks.


  • Applies a standardized, data-driven process to the analysis for consistent results.
  • Seamlessly integrates claim, incident, occurrence, and cause data for a singular view into events.
  • Creates a record, assigns responsibility, and sets due dates for the analysis once a claim or incident is reported.
  • Starts the analysis immediately following an event while the details are still fresh.


  • Includes built-in collaboration tools to communicate with other departments and stakeholders about the analysis.
  • Organizes every analysis into one of four categories – open, in progress, in review, and completed – and can further sort by root cause, type of event, or location.
  • Facilitates “Five Whys” analysis.
  • Documents causal and contributory factors, and creates visual cause-and-effect fishbone diagrams.

  • Automatically generates a visual timeline with embedded images and documents.


  • Uncovers trends and opportunities for improvement to patient outcomes.
  • Displays a breakdown of all causes, which can be sorted by coverage or location – or whether the cause is primary, secondary, or tertiary.
  • Leads you to the source of the problem so corrective actions can be taken, which should increase safety, reduce future incidents, and ultimately lower your total cost of risk.

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Download our e-book, A Guide to Using Root Cause Analysis, to get the what, why, when, and how of root cause analysis – and start digging deeper for better results.

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