PYMNTS, October 28, 2022

From a CFP’s standpoint, the past year has seen an unmistakable change in the metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) that matter most to businesses and their investors.

Bitpay CFO Jagruti Solanki, COVU CFO Subodh Karnad and Riskonnect CFO David Rockvam told PYMNTS that can be seen in how firms are moving from a sole focus on revenue and growth KPIs to placing a greater emphasis on profitability and financial returns – all while keeping a close eye on the expense pool.

“I feel the world in some ways is returning to more fundamental analysis and metrics, which often happens in tight times, [unlike] in euphoric times [when] metrics [tend to] go all over the place,” COVU’s Karnad said. “I don’t think investors have an appetite right now to absorb [any other] metrics.”

Rockvam added that there’s also a shift towards consumer-facing KPIs, like understanding customers and increasing customer satisfaction, and companies making an effort to keep adding the features and functionalities that their customers desire.

When it comes to digital assets, merchant clients are reluctant to accept or hold bitcoin on their balance sheets because of the volatility risk and the high processing fees involved, choosing instead to settle payments in fiat currency and access funds in real time.

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