Specialist risk consultancy joins Riskonnect’s PartnerKonnect program to equip its clients with the tools to bring risk under one roof and succeed in a dynamic risk landscape

October 10, 2023

ATLANTA & LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)—Riskonnect, the leader in integrated risk management (IRM) solutions, today announces a new partnership with Control Risks, a global specialist risk consultancy. Control Risks is joining Riskonnect’s PartnerKonnect program to help clients build organizational resilience with technology that brings all aspects of enterprise risk under one roof.

“Our consultancy is committed to helping clients succeed in a changing world. Staying on top of today’s fast-moving risk landscape and being able to confidently respond to events requires the right combination of expertise, data, and best-in-class technology,” said Nick Allan, CEO at Control Risks. “Riskonnect’s solutions perfectly complement our team’s business continuity and resilience services. We’re thrilled to partner with Riskonnect and give our clients access to a powerful blend of tools and experience to help them transform the way they manage risk,” Allan added.

Control Risks helps create secure, compliant, and resilient organizations. The consultancy combines unrivaled expertise, experience, and reach with the power of data and technology to provide the deep insight and intelligence organizations need to stay on track, uncover opportunities, and grow. Control Risks provides many services to clients, including organizational resilience and crisis response programs. Riskonnect’s integrated risk management solutions will complement these services.

“Knowing where you are vulnerable to disruption and being able to act fast when a crisis hits are foundational aspects of business continuity and resilience. Technology creates this visibility and enables teams to mobilize and enact their crisis response plans faster and more effectively,” said Riskonnect CEO Jim Wetekamp. “The team at Control Risks understands the value that technology can bring to companies’ strategies and we’re looking forward to partnering with them to help prepare organizations to face the future,” added Wetekamp.

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About Riskonnect

Riskonnect is the leading integrated risk management software solution provider. Our technology empowers organizations with the ability to anticipate, manage, and respond in real-time to strategic and operational risks across the extended enterprise. More than 2,000 customers across six continents use our unique risk-correlation technology to gain previously unattainable insights that deliver better business outcomes. Riskonnect has more than 800 risk management experts in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. To learn more, visit www.riskonnect.com.

About Control Risks

Control Risks is a specialist global risk consultancy that helps to create secure, compliant and resilient organizations in an age of ever-changing risk. Working across disciplines, technologies and geographies, everything we do is based on our belief that taking risks is essential to our clients’ success. We provide our clients with the insight to focus resources and ensure they are prepared to resolve the issues and crises that occur in any ambitious global organization. We go beyond problem-solving and provide the insights and intelligence needed to realize opportunities and grow. Visit us online at www.controlrisks.com.

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