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Healthcare safety and risk managers can finally have it their way AND have it all.

Keep Your Staff and Your Patients Safe

Intuitive Healthcare Solutions

Riskonnect Healthcare solutions are designed to offer healthcare provider organizations the most capable, flexible, intuitive and robust patient safety and risk management reporting technology available.

Dashboards on PC & Laptop for Global Integrated Risk Management Information Solution
Heart-Beats for Better Health & Safety. Use advanced system to improve Environmental health and safety and patient feedback

Improve Patient and Visitor Safety and Satisfaction

Riskonnect Healthcare are better solutions, so you get more and better data, can manage it more efficiently, understand it more completely and act on it more effectively. They are fully mobile, offers greater access to reporting by front line staff, patients and visitors, improve event investigation and follow up, automate notifications and assignments and significantly improve your reporting and analytics capabilities.

Powerful and Configurable

Providers no longer have to choose between easy-to-use or robust workflow and analytics. Riskonnect Healthcare solutions offers intuitive event entry, powerful and configurable management workflows and advanced, intuitive analytics.

Configurability of Best Risk Management Solution for comprehensive ERM
Riskonnect global provider of integrated risk management solutions

Riskonnect = Integrated Risk Management

Through the seamless integration of all our solutions across the risk management spectrum, Riskonnect delivers the ability to practice true Integrated Risk Management to help drive strategic growth. Organizations can have confidence they have the right technology, systems and knowledge in place to look at risks holistically, providing the ability to anticipate, assess and minimize risks across the enterprise.

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