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According to a 2015 survey conducted by LNS Research, in assessing which areas of Health and Safety Management software are viewed as most critical to success in performance, risk management was the resounding answer: A full 78% of respondents name it as a top factor in ensuring Health and Safety Management success.

Healthcare--Patient-Events Dashboard on leading edge risk management solution for global risk management

World-Class Health and Safety Management

One Integrated Solution

The Riskonnect Health and Safety Management solution allows your risk management and safety professionals to work together on one solution combined with business intelligence

Dashboards on PC & Laptop for Global Integrated Risk Management Information Solution

Combined Safety and Risk Management Yields Actionable Business Intelligence

Risk managers and safety professionals each perform important roles, but they aren’t always in sync. When they work together as a team, good things happen that are visible in the bottom line. With Riskonnect Health and Safety Management solutions, safety and risk management teams can combine their operational expertise and influence to benefit all of an organization’s stakeholders.

Riskonnect = Integrated Risk Management

Through the seamless integration of all our solutions across the risk management spectrum, Riskonnect delivers the ability to practice true Integrated Risk Management to help drive strategic growth. Organizations can have confidence they have the right technology, systems and knowledge in place to look at risks holistically, providing the ability to anticipate, assess and minimize risks across the enterprise.

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