Your Guide to Cyber Resilience

Sophisticated hackers, relentless cybercriminals, and distracted employees have converged into an explosive landscape of cybercrime – with sobering success rates. The cost to business is staggering. The global average cost of a data breach is currently estimated at $4.45 million, up 15% in just three years. The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center received more than 800,000 complaints last year, with a potential total loss of more than $10.2 billion.

If you haven’t yet felt the sting of a cyberattack, ransomware scheme, or data breach, consider yourself lucky. Nearly 75% of organizations have experienced at least one cyberattack. You could be next.

Cybercriminals are continuously making their attacks more targeted, more disruptive, and more ingenious. Remote and hybrid workforces spread over a sprawling number of networks open the door wider to attackers. In a moment of distraction, even vigilant employees can let in an attacker. And with the help of generative AI, these attacks appear increasingly authentic, making them more difficult than ever to thwart.

Cybersecurity is certainly essential to block attacks from happening in the first place. But as criminals have demonstrated an uncanny ability to adapt, these measures alone cannot protect your business. You need a comprehensive cyber resilience plan to help you quickly get back on track if an attack is successful.

This ebook will help you understand cyber resilience, what’s at stake, and how to strengthen your approach.


  • What is cyber resilience?
  • Elements of a cyber resilience program
  • How cyber resilience intersects with other resilience plans
  • How to assess your cyber resilience maturity
  • How to start building a cyber resilience plan

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ebook Your Guide to Cyber Resilience

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