Governance, Risk, and Compliance: The Definitive Guide

Governance, risk, and compliance – popularly known as GRC – is a set of processes and procedures to help organizations achieve business objectives, address uncertainty, and act with integrity.

The basic purpose of GRC is to instill good business practices into everyday life. While not a new concept, GRC has grown in stature as risks have become more numerous, more complex, and more damaging.

GRC today spans multiple disciplines, including enterprise risk management, compliance, third-party risk management, internal audit, and more. While each discipline has its own priorities – and often its own way of doing things – GRC leaders are now recognizing the power of sharing data and intelligence to drive better results and build a stronger, more resilient organization.

This ebook will help you understand GRC and the value of an integrated approach so leaders can make smart, fast decisions to protect the organization.


  • Forces Driving an Integrated GRC Program
  • GRC Defined
  • How to Assess Your GRC Maturity
  • How to Do GRC the Right Way
  • Integrating AI into GRC
  • The Value of GRC Software
  • What to Consider with New GRC Software
  • How to Evaluate GRC Software
  • How to Successfully Implement GRC Software
  • How to Build a Business Case for GRC Software

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GRC Definitive Guide

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