Business Continuity and Resilience Report

Riskonnect is proud to sponsor the BCI Continuity and Resilience Report 2022 which examines how business continuity and resilience are perceived within organizations across different industry sectors.
This special report will help practitioners gain a better understanding of what challenges they are facing amid the rise of new working environments and provide valuable insights into how other organizations are implementing the correct solutions for resilience success.

Key findings from the survey:

  • Resilience procedures is becoming the norm, and, in some cases, this has provided a larger mandate for resilience and business continuity to become more of a strategic asset.
  • There is an increased awareness of resilience processes.
  • Respondents stated that a board-level role responsible for promoting and co-ordinating resilience efforts had been created in their organization.
  • 96.7% of organizations are reporting that ‘at least some staff’ now expect the flexibility to work from home for some of the time.

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