The BCI Continuity and Resilience Report 2023

Riskonnect is proud to sponsor the latest BCI Continuity and Resilience Report, which examines how business continuity and resilience are perceived within organizations across different industry sectors.

This special report will help practitioners gain a better understanding of what challenges they are facing and provide valuable insights into how other organizations are implementing the correct solutions for resilience success.

Key findings from the survey:

  • The adoption of resilience is becoming increasingly evident within organizations.
  • Half of respondents said their organizations had yet to define clear differences between BC and resilience. However, there is a de facto differentiation of roles.
  • For the third year running, BC and resilience professionals rate their role as more strategic than operational.
  • BC and/or resilience programmes are now receiving increased resource and financial support as a result of an appreciation of the importance of resilience by senior management.

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