Three Steps to Pave Your Path to Success

Convincing leadership to invest in new ERM software is often the most challenging part of the purchasing journey.

Risk teams must persuade others that the value of ERM software is enough to justify the spend – and the effort. And that’s no easy feat at a time when budgets are scrutinized, and staff is stretched thinly.

A successful business case will go beyond just the cost of the software and the time that will be saved by the risk management team. To secure the full support of leaders, you have to elevate the conversation to focus on the value, performance, and competitive edge that modern ERM software will bring to the entire organization.

Download this ebook for guidance on gathering the necessary facts and articulating the value – and using that to cultivate support for ERM software among decision-making leaders across the organization.


  • Step 1: Calculate Your Current Costs
  • Step 2: Determine the ROI of New ERM Software
  • Step 3: Tell Your Story

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