Software that makes it easy to record and report on patient, employee, and visitor safety events

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When an adverse event happens,
do you have what it takes to act quickly?

Making incident reporting easy is critical for improving the safety of patients, employees, and visitors. After all, you can only fix what you know about. But collecting event details is only half the battle. For this information to truly make a difference in outcomes, you have to be able to translate the data into a plan of action.

Streamline the Incident Reporting Process

Riskonnect’s Patient Safety Event Reporting software captures complete and accurate information with intuitive and accessible forms – and alerts the right people in real-time so issues can be swiftly addressed.


  • Simplifies safety-event reporting with an icon-driven portal and survey-style questionnaires that show only relevant questions.
  • Accommodates anonymous reporting, identified reporting, or a combination of both.
  • Improves accuracy and eliminates duplicate entry through automatic data validation.


  • Automatically sends notifications and task assignments, plus reminders and escalation.
  • Automates patient, provider, and drug-formulary lookups.
  • Attaches images and important documentation directly to the event record.


  • Offers numerous report templates with dynamic workflows.
  • Helps staff feel more engaged by closing the feedback loop.
  • Seamlessly integrates with Patient Experience, Peer Review, and other Riskonnect software to manage the complete incident lifecycle.

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