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Konnect Keynote Videos

Keynote | Delivering Essential Results to Be Future Ready

Jim Wetekamp kicked off Konnect 2023 with a call for risk professionals to connect the dots between all types of risk. Integration is the only way to link the reality of the today’s risks with strategic goals for meaningful success.


Keynote | Riskonnect Awards

Congratulations to our 2023 Riskonnect award winners.

Keynote: Risks Shouldn’t Be Taken Personally

Keynote: Riskonnect’s Family Feud

This fun and interactive session that is Riskonnect’s take on a popular game show.

In our version, two families (each family includes three customers and three Riskonnecters) name the most popular answers to survey questions in order to win points and prizes.

Keynote: Risk Management – Fast and Slow

The accelerating pace and complexity of change and velocity of external risks means we can no longer just execute ERM as we have before. Rob will dive into how to make your ERM program nimble and agile.


Keynote: Spotlight on Success

Join us for an interactive discussion with four of this year’s award recipients on how they partner with Riskonnect to achieve winning results.


Keynote: Hacking the Rockstar Mindset to Raise the Roof

We’re all familiar with it, but can we capture it? Can we cultivate it? What defines a rockstar performer’s attitude?

Rockstars have always had this elusive cultural mystique, this sort of omnipotence that transcends their individual accomplishments. That intoxicating quality is very potent and consequently has become extremely sexy to model across industries. In business, for example, the rockstar is the top performer: the one who cuts the edge, the one with the magical energy, power and ability to influence others and stand out from her peers.

Mark will take you on a musical, passionate, and revelatory journey through his experiences working with some of the greatest musical artists of all time. He will demonstrate how the attitudes of the rockstars will give you insights on how to evolve your understanding and implementation of peak performance and joy!

With live drumming performances and audience-interaction, Hacking The Rockstar Attitude will give you the tools to literally change your relationships, improve your business and increase the happy moments you experience in your life.

To your transformed ATTITUDE!

Konnect Breakout Sessions

Konnect Breakout Sessions| Executive Leadership Sessions

Breakout: Aha Moments from Executive Risk Leaders! Navigating the Complex Landscape of Risks: Insights, Collaborations, and Transformative Moments

In this enlightening session, top executive risk leaders share their pivotal “Aha!” moments that reshaped their approach to the multifaceted world of risk management. Through engaging discussions, they’ll delve into the invaluable insights they’ve gleaned, the power of collaborative strategies, and the transformative instances that changed the course of their decision-making. Attendees will walk away with a richer understanding of the intricate risk landscape and practical takeaways for their own risk management endeavors.


Breakout: Enterprise Risk Management, Decision Making, and Bias

Enterprise risk management (ERM) is about uncertainty; it operates at the intersection between the objective (data and facts about the past and the present) and the subjective (projections about the future.)  It relies heavily on the judgements of experts and decision-makers, and as such, it is fertile ground for cognitive bias.

Every risk manager should be conscious of the potential for their ERM activities to fail to overcome – or worse, to actively perpetuate – cognitive biases among decision makers; unjustifiably increasing confidence in incorrect, biased conclusions.

At this session, Rob will outline strategies that risk managers and decision makers can employ to help overcome some prominent sources of cognitive bias.


Breakout: Straight from the Horse’s Mouth: A Risk@Work Expert Panel Discussion

Take part in this thought-provoking discussion with an incredible panel of ERM, GRC, and business continuity experts and analysts.

This is your one-time opportunity to tap into the collective expertise of the luminaries behind Riskonnect’s highly successful educational webinar series, Risk@Work. Ariane Chapelle, Vanessa Mathews, Jason Mefford, and Rob Quail— in the same room for the first time — will share their knowledge and answer your burning questions.

Moderator Scott Fenstermaker will be asking our panelists about urgent topics like AI implications in risk, supply-chain dynamics, and resilience issues, as well as major pitfalls and mistakes that risk programs commonly face. We will also devote plenty of time for audience participation. Come with your questions ready!

This is your chance to ask about:

:: How to take your ERM, GRC, or continuity program to the next level
:: How other risk, compliance, and continuity professionals are preparing for upcoming challenges
:: How to make your organization more resilient in the next year


Breakout: Don’t Let History Fool You into Thinking You’ve Managed Your Risks

Don’t know much about history or think those things that happened a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away can never happen in our modern world?

You might want to think again, since history has a way of repeating itself when we least expect it. And organizations are usually not prepared for those out-of-sight, out-of-mind, never-going-to-happen-again risks that sometimes take decades to re-emerge.

In this session we will discuss some of the old risks you may want to revisit before this brave new world experiences them again – and you are asked how you missed them.


Breakout: Look into My Crystal Ball: What is on the Horizon and Beyond in Risk

Gaze into the crystal ball as it reveals risks in the year ahead and beyond. Hear perspectives on the perils of extreme weather, climate change, infrastructure failure, cyberattacks, pandemics, and more. Discover how risks around the world can have a direct impact on any organization.


Breakout: The Best Place to Open a Case: The Riskonnect Success Portal

The Success Portal is the online, self-service tool for all Riskonnect customers to get support, manage cases, and access our extensive knowledge library of videos, training, and release notes. In this session, you’ll learn how to save time and speed up case resolution using the portal versus email or phone. You’ll get practical tips on how to open a new case, check the status of existing cases, view case history, and set up a dashboard. You’ll also see where to find answers to commonly asked questions and how to submit your ideas for product improvements.


Konnect Breakout Sessions| Active Risk Manager

Breakout: Risk Management “Under One Roof” – A Global Perspective

This session will cover global experiences in implementing project risk management programs for U.S. and foreign government agencies and the commercial sector, while working in 30 countries spanning five continents. It also will cover the pros and cons of having a formalized solution, such as Riskonnect’s Project Risk Management,  and will explore the value of implementing complimentary Riskonnect GRC solutions.


Breakout: Lessons Learned from Implementing Active Risk Manager and a Risk Management Process

Applying disciplined risk management is the goal of any organization that wants to drive successful program execution, however reaching that goal can often be a difficult journey. Much like risk management itself, this is not a “once and done” activity where procuring a tool will be the panacea to all program issues. Elbit America has been using Active Risk Manager for a decade, and our journey is still ongoing. In this session, I will be sharing various lessons learned in our continuing journey as a world class organization that incorporates proactive risk management in program execution. At the end of this session, you should have at least one action to take with you to implement in your organization.


Breakout: It’s a Dangerous Business, Frodo! How to Build Fellowship and Transparency in the Quest for Successful Projects

Faced with current realities like inflation and supply-chain issues, organizations are looking for a more collaborative approach from builders. With the trend toward progressive model contracts, aggressive risk allocation transparency, and new construction requirements, Canadian builder Pomerleau needed to adapt its approach by standardizing its processes.

Join this session to learn how Pomerleau uses Active Risk Manager’s features, such as field customizations, portfolio views, escalation, risk types, and workflows, as well as the interface connection with Salesforce and Power BI, to customize reports and export data to partners. Pomerleau will also explain how it’s using Riskonnect within the teams and how it plans to expand the technology to include the ERM and environmental departments.


Breakout: Managing Risk in Public Entities

Public sector organizations are tasked with meeting increasingly restrictive standards with ever-tighter budgets. Project management skills alone aren’t enough to compete in today’s world. You must be adept at managing risks.

Join Matthew Rodjom, Office of Biometric Identity Management, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, as he discusses how taking a proactive approach toward project risk management can help you identify, side-step, or rectify issues to prevent critical projects from missing deadlines, exceeding budgets, or failing to achieve what they set out to.


Konnect Breakout Sessions| Business Continuity & Resilience

Breakout: Communicating Risk Perspectives: Are you behind the curve or leading the charge?

Are you effectively communicating organizational risks and needs to your leadership team? Or are you behind the curve, costing your organization time, resources, and personnel? In this keynote, Vanessa Mathews, chief resilience officer of Asfalis Advisors, will break down five thought-provoking strategies to keep your leadership team prepared and on the leading edge of communicating risk prevention.


Breakout: How Business Continuity Fits Inside Integrated Risk Management

ERM, GRC, TPRM, ESG, ITRM, BC and many other three and four letter acronyms. Each has it’s own value as a risk management discipline, but when coordinated, the real magic happens. How do you bring it all together?

Join this lively discussion as we define each discipline, summarize key outcomes, and introduce a blueprint for effective coordination between disciplines. We’ll also present the business case for effective integration and supply some important messaging for you to take back to your organization.


Breakout: Building a Business Continuity Program from the Ground Up

Getting a new business continuity program off the ground can seem daunting. This session will explain how to successfully build a BC program, beginning with a business impact assessment (BIA) to define realistic recovery time objectives (RTOs) and identify risk for critical processes. You’ll also learn how the BIA data can be used to develop additional components of the program, such as disaster recovery, third-party risk management, crisis response, and more. Along the way, you’ll hear about real-life experiences through this process, some common “gotchas” that many companies run into, and how to avoid these in your program implementation.


Breakout: Ask the Experts: The What, Why, and How of Business Continuity

Do you have responsibility for business continuity in your organization, or is it possible you could be assigned responsibility soon? Are you not sure where to start or how to take your program to the next level?

Join a panel of Riskonnect Business Continuity & Resilience customers as they discuss what business continuity is all about in their organizations, key processes to prevent and prepare for disruption, and the most value-adding outcomes they deliver to their internal and external stakeholders. In addition to clarifying what business continuity is all about, you’ll also be able to ask questions on getting started, restarting, and/or optimizing your program.


Konnect Breakout Sessions| Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC)

Breakout: Dynamic Risk Management Empowered by Analytics

Join this session for practical, real-life perspectives on how to harness the power of analytics to reveal pre and post loss opportunities to save on your workers’ compensation insurance. With actionable insights from Wendy’s and partner WTW on smarter ways to deploy risk analytics to add value and reduce costs rapidly and with ease.


Breakout: How to Tie a Bow Tie

Bowtie analysis that decomposes the causes and consequences of a risk, a risk event, or a success is a highly visual, highly versatile tool, indispensable in the risk manager’s toolbox. In this lively talk, Ariane Chapelle will present several ways to improve the effectiveness of your risk management practice, using bowtie analysis.


Breakout: The Integrated Risk Portal

As a leader, it is critical to truly understand the full impact of risk across your organization. Riskonnect has invested in a Integrated Risk Portal to do just that. Join Product Manager Ariel Norvell for a walk-through of the new hub to understand how you can see your risks through a single pane of glass.


Breakout: How to Use AI to Improve Risk Management

Artificial intelligence is a shiny, new toy that seems to have endless uses. In the world of integrated risk management, AI tools can be used to better manage the growing complexity and volume of data, improve risk and compliance management, and enhance the organization’s overall security posture.

In this session, panelists will discuss how they are using AI tools to get a more comprehensive view of risk across the organization, what they have gained with AI – and what security and compliance challenges to watch out for.


Breakout: Data Analytics in the Driver’s Seat: Using Insights to Drive Decisions & Investigations

Join PetSmart and Discount Tire on an insightful journey of data analytics. Discount Tire will explain how it is using Insights to improve safety results with its incident investigation process. PetSmart will share how it is investing in claim data integrity and visualizations through drive insights throughout the business.


Konnect Breakout Sessions| Healthcare

Breakout: How to Exceed Expectations One Event Report at a Time

Meeting expectations is good. Exceeding expectations is better. Join Monument Health’s Jill Tice, VP quality, safety, risk management and Kelli Aarstad, performance engineer, as they share how Monument Health exceeded expectations for its adverse event reporting rate with Riskonnect – and what that has meant for the organization.


Breakout: Workplace Violence: How SSM Health Uses Riskonnect to Keep People Safe

Each year, an average of 2 million U.S. workers report having been a victim of violence at work, according to OSHA. Violence in the workplace is more than just headline-making physical assaults. Verbal and threats are also considered violent acts. Join this session to learn how SSM Health System is using Riskonnect and reporting to protect the safety of its patients, employees, and visitors.


Breakout: The Journey to Data Driven Risk

Hendricks Regional Health (HRH) needed to capture data quickly so management could review timely “usual” data and visualize trends to identify opportunities for improvement, as well as interrelated impacts.

HRH is a nationally recognized, nonprofit healthcare organization serving west-central Indiana. It is a member of Captive/Risk Retention Group (RRG), along with six other county-owned independent hospitals across Indiana that shares experiences, data, and programs to protect patients, improve risk, and manage claims.

The group decided to replace its 15-year-old system with Riskonnect to help it build a database for benchmarking identified key risk indicators and key performance indicators – which can also be used at an individual level by each member organization.

When it was HRH’s turn to onboard (some 18 months into the project), the challenge was on to load databases, develop connectivity engines, and rework educational materials. Join this session for insight on how HRH engaged frontline staff and educated managers/directors and impacted patient, employee, and visitor event data – all in just four months.


Breakout: Ethos of Change: Lifebridge Health is leading the way to Zero!

In 2020, Lifebridge Health developed a framework and formal structure to initiate a journey to Zero Harm. This framework simplified managing clinical quality outcomes by inspiring the teams to align, prioritize, and communicate critical daily needs during the growing pandemic – while maintaining its laser focus on the safety of patients and employees.

In this session, LifeBridge Health’s Maulik Thaker, executive director of the Zero Harm Program, and Nitza Santiago, vice president of Quality and Patient Safety will detail the challenges and outcomes of the three-year journey and explain how the framework of Zero Harm has evolved into an integrated process of high reliability. They also will share insights on the use of technology infrastructure in reporting the state of quality at hospitals, following up on action items, reviewing new risks and safety concerns, assigning ownership for follow-up actions, and leveraging analytics to improve the performance of key metrics.


Breakout: The Big Bang Theory: Lessons Learned from Doing It All at Once

Allina Health system set out to conduct a “big-bang” launch —implementing patient events, root cause analysis, claims and insurance, patient feedback, and peer reviews all at once. Join this session to find out how the approach worked, what they changed midstream, and what advice they would give to others considering an all-encompassing implementation


Konnect Breakout Sessions| Insurable Risks

Breakout: Best Practices for User Acceptance Testing

Walt Disney and Walmart know a thing or two about UAT. In this session, Disney’s Rebecca Justice and Walmart’s Chip Hargrave will share five simple steps for successful user-acceptance testing that will work for both large and small organization, for mature systems and new systems. They will also share important lessons learned along the way.


Breakout: The Roadmap to Touchless Claims

The world of claims adjudication is changing.  AI / ML, resourcing challenges, complicated ecosystems, and more are forcing organizations to try and figure out what this means to the business and the current process for adjudicating claims. Come join the Riskonnect product management team to learn how to improve your ability to automate the process and the roadmap to an end-to-end straight through processing and touchless claims-handling solution that will revolutionize your processes.


Breakout: The Top 7 Things Every Claims Organization Needs to Do to Get Ready for Medicare Civil Money Penalties

Through the aide of the Riskonect platform and a top-level Medicare Secondary Payer protocol, claims organizations protect themselves from the looming Civil Money Penalties set to be levied by CMS in 2024. From proper reporting, to identifying issues within the Medicare process, to working with difficult attorneys and everything in between, this session will set you up for success against the coming civil money penalties.


Breakout: I Don’t Know What I Don’t Know

Riskonnect’s RMIS solution offers a wide variety of product functionality to help you manage risk more effectively. But too often, organizations are underutilized what could be game-changing capabilities. Join us in this session to learn about the top five features you can take advantage of today.


Breakout: Building & Executing on Risk Technology Roadmaps – A Speedrun.

You built a business case, purchased a risk technology platform, spent untold hours implementing, and have gone live. Now what?  This session will help you build a roadmap that focuses on growing the business value you receive from your investment and give you the tools and insights you need to execute on that roadmap successfully.  The session will highlight these concepts through a case study, demonstrating real-life tools and processes. You’ll learn how to build and execute on your own risk technology roadmap.


Breakout: How Effective is Your RMIS in Analyzing Risk and Cost?

A RMIS provides a quick and easy way to manage your insurance policies from all carriers and brokers to give you better analysis, deeper insight – and ultimately reduce your total cost of risk. Join this session to learn how to:

:: View year-over-year premium spend by carrier, coverage, time period, and more to evaluate program effectiveness.
:: Monitor claims and corresponding paid transactions and the erosion on aggregates and policy limits.
:: Break down limits, deductibles, retentions, and premiums by carrier and coverage.
:: Compare year-over-year policy performance by carrier and company responsibilities.
:: Optimize coverage – and reduce TCOR.


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