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Root Cause Analysis

RCAs are a critical safety improvement and risk management tool. But in many organizations, they aren’t being conducted frequently enough, fast enough after the discovery and reporting of an event and — in too many cases — their findings aren’t driving corrective actions.

Drive Corrective Actions with Root Cause Analysis


  • Comprehensive standard healthcare RCA process
  • Easily access all related information in a single view
  • Automatically generate intuitive visual timeline — including relevant images/documents — from narrative event details
  • Conduct “Five Whys” analysis
  • Document causal and contributory factors and create visual cause and effect/fishbone diagrams
  • Automatically assign and manage corrective actions based on RCA findings
Root Cause Analysis iPad. RMIS that works fine on tablets, phones, laptopcs, PCs & Mac


  • Spend less time and effort conducting RCAs so you can focus on improving safety
  • Improve front line staff engagement in safety reporting and improvement by communicating high-level findings and resulting actions throughout the organization
  • Easily analyze causal and contributory factors to better prioritize and target corrective actions

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