Riskonnect provides the Active Risk Manager ROI Calculator (the “Calculator”) as a free tool that uses information that you supply to provide an estimate of your potential savings and return on investment when purchasing and deploying Riskonnect’s Active Risk Manager (i.e. project risk) solution. The estimates provided by the Calculator assist a potential customer with determining whether to further investigate project risk options with Riskonnect. The general accuracy of the estimates generated by the Calculator will depend on how closely your questionnaire responses match your actual circumstances.

The results generated by the Calculator are estimates and should only be used as a guide to evaluate the potential savings and return on investment. The actual economic results realized as a result of a purchase of Riskonnect’s Active Risk solution will vary and there is no guarantee that you will actually realize the economic results forecast by the Calculator. There may be additional unaccounted for costs related to your deployment and use of the Riskonnect Active Risk solution that are not accounted for within the Calculator. A number of other factors may also affect your actual savings, and your actual savings may differ from the estimates. Any estimate generated by the Calculator is not and should not be interpreted as either a promise of or contract for a given level of savings or return on investment. Riskonnect does not and cannot guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the results generated by the Calculator or that you will actually realize any cost savings forecast by the Calculator.

Riskonnect further disclaims all warranties and liability for the Calculator. To the fullest extent allowed by law, YOU HEREBY RELEASE RISKONNECT FROM ANY AND ALL LIABILITY ARISING FROM OR RELATED TO THE CALCULATOR OR ITS USE. The Calculator is provided at no charge and no refunds will be made in connection with its use.

Please carefully read all of the terms of the above Disclaimer. By viewing and using the Calculator, you acknowledge that you have read, agreed to, and understand this Disclaimer.