Connecting Strategy and Risk

Few concepts have caused more confusion and debate among Enterprise Risk Management practitioners than the elusive topic of “risk appetite.” From conflicting or vague definitions to dramatically different approaches, all portrayed as “best practice,” we are a long way from consensus on what risk appetite really is intended to accomplish for an organization.

In this session, Enterprise Risk Management expert Rob Quail will describe a step-by-step approach to understanding an organization’s risk appetite. In particular:

  • How does uncertainty create value for the organization?
  • Given your mission and values, how much risk should you be willing to accept?
  • How do you want decision makers to take risk appetite into account in their day-to-day choices?
  • How do you implement and monitor conformance with your risk appetite?
  • What roles do the board, CEO, CRO, management, and stakeholders play?

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Risk Appetite_ A Practical Approach for Connecting Strategy and Risk

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