Operational Risk

Operational Risk Special Report (First featured in StrategicRISK)

Operational resilience – everyone is talking about it. But how is it created and how can it protect us against the intangible risk landscape? The topic of operational resilience has become increasingly prominent in recent years, particularly within the financial services sector.

Growing regulatory pressures, a continued shift towards intangible assets, digitisation and the COVID-19 pandemic are just some of the reasons why. It is a reaction to the feeling that government, business and society were all taken by surprise by something they should have seen coming in their rear-view mirror.

In this special report we look at what is needed to achieve operational resilience.

Contents include:

  • Results from StrategicRISK global reader survey:
  • Top 5 operational risks for 2021
  • How well prepared was your organisation to respond to the operational risks presented by the pandemic
  • What steps has your organisation taken to improve operational resilience over the past 12 months
  • How well prepared do you think your organisation will be to respond to future operational risks arising from major shocks?

Expert View – Jim Wetekamp:
Risk professionals played a critical role during the pandemic. Now they must seize this chance to become a strategic partner

Experiencing Turbulence:
SITA explain how the air transport communications and other IT players steered through the immediate and the longer term operational risks arising from the global pandemic.

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Operational Risk

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