Navigating the relationship between operational thinking and traditional business continuity concepts

The core components of business continuity and resilience originated with well-meaning regulations that evolved over time to deliver significant business value. Today, operational resilience is no different as it continues to influence the way we think about preventing, responding, recovering, and learning from disruption. Since the first regulations were announced, we’ve seen the operational resilience value proposition continue to pick up momentum worldwide, sometimes to the detriment of existing business continuity principles. How can you use the best of both concepts to maximise resilience?

Join us for this informative webinar, presented by business continuity and resilience experts, Paul Cutler, Andrew Morkot, and Ken Clarke, as they discuss the relationship between operational resilience and business continuity including an in-depth analysis of both, how they compliment each other and the best practices to implement to ensure you remain resilient and compliant worldwide.

Key takeaways:

  • The relationship between operational resilience thinking and more traditional business continuity concepts.
  • Why organisations all around the world in all industries are realising value in operational resilience.
  • The core operational resilience elements that increase business focus and leadership engagement.
  • Discussion of various operational resilience regulations.
  • Tips on what you should tackle now to remain resilient and compliant.

Paul Cutler, Managing Consultant. Professional Services.
Andrew Morkot, Lead Consultant. Professional Services.
Ken Clark, Senior Consultant. Business Continuity. Professional Services.

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