Regulatory and Compliance

Top 10 Organizational Challenges of Implementing a GRC Solution

Many organizations are adopting governance, risk and compliance (GRC) technology to help manage their activities in these three areas. This shift continues to be driven by an ever-changing regulatory landscape and an increasingly connected [...]

Compliance vs. Risk Management: What’s the Big Difference?

Distinguishing risk management from compliance may not seem like a critical line item on your business agenda, but doing so can make all the difference between merely avoiding risk and actually creating tangible value. [...]

GRC or IRM: Either way, outdated evaluation processes put your organization at risk.

The pace of the Integrated Risk Management (IRM) evolution continues to accelerate at break-neck speed. According to Gartner Research Director John Wheeler, “The IRM market is projected to grow at a 13.4% compound annual [...]

Using the Unified Compliance Framework and Integrated Risk Management to Combat Cyber Security Issues

Cyber security is weighing on businesses today. Not only are cyber security issues becoming more frequent and severe, they’re becoming increasingly complex—making it hard to stop such instances from occurring, especially if organizations consider [...]

Internal Auditors: Making the shift from checking boxes to innovating

Internal audit functions are under increasing pressure to prove their relevance—a feat which is nearly impossible without the right integrated risk technology in place. Exceeding great expectations Internal audit departments have traditionally been viewed as [...]

How Mature is Your Vendor Risk Management Program?

Organizations spend a large amount on human and financial resources in completing IT security, compliance and other important risk reviews of their vendors. Most organizations have created a vendor risk management program to complete [...]