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How quickly can you respond to
a patient complaint?

Resolving complaints before they turn into grievances, claims, or litigation is no easy feat if you’re working with paper files or outdated technology. And if your slow response causes a complaint to escalate, you could be facing lower Medicare reimbursement rates, higher regulatory penalties – and even damage to your reputation. The stakes are simply too high to leave satisfactory resolution up to chance.

Address Complaints Before They Escalate

Riskonnect’s Patient Experience software tracks, manages, and monitors critical feedback using intuitive, customizable forms. Patients and visitors can submit feedback directly using a phone or tablet. And real-time alerts notify key stakeholders so complaints can be addressed before they escalate into grievances or claims.


  • Simplifies the feedback process with QR codes, hotlines, or clickable links to access forms from inside or outside the facility.
  • Captures compliments, as well as complaints.
  • Improves transparency among patients, visitors, and staff.


  • Configures feedback template based on your own requirements.
  • Visualizes satisfaction metrics with charts, graphs, and tables on customizable dashboards.
  • Provides one-click drill-through to show the details behind the dashboard.


  • Automatically sends notifications and task assignments, plus reminders and escalation.
  • Reduces risk of adverse clinical outcomes, claims, and litigation.
  • Seamlessly integrates with Patient Safety Event Reporting, Peer Review, and other Riskonnect software to manage the complete incident lifecycle.

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