Software that helps improve patient safety and satisfaction, while reducing claims, litigation, and regulatory-compliance risks.

Are pharmacy and other clinical risks slipping through the cracks because of your software?

Adding pharmacy and other clinical services can increase both growth and value for grocery and big-box chains – but those services also add significant risks unique to healthcare.

Trying to manage the impact of medication errors or missed diagnosis with software not designed for these specialized risks can not only increase your liability, but accreditation and compliance could be in jeopardy as well. And that can negatively affect divisional performance, along with the corporate bottom line.

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The Bridge Between Clinical and Corporate

Riskonnect’s Pharmacy Safety software can help you improve patient safety and satisfaction, while reducing claims, litigation, and regulatory compliance risks.

The software seamlessly connects your clinical data to corporate risk and compliance efforts for a truly integrated, enterprise view to help you understand the impact of strategic decisions on all aspects of the business.

Riskonnect’s Pharmacy Safety Software


  • Reveals systemic issues that can lead to safety lapses.
  • Shows the impact of performance improvement initiatives in real time.
  • Predicts future incidents and the financial impact.
  • Proactively improves performance through trend and leading-indicator analysis.


  • Facilitates compliance with Medicare grievance requirements.
  • Ensures the security and integrity of personal health information.
  • Improves privacy-breach risk assessment, affected-party notification, and HHS OCR reporting.
  • Effectively demonstrates quality reporting programs to state boards.
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  • Simplifies and streamlines incident reporting for busy clinical staff.
  • Eliminates manual tasks by automating incident management.
  • Reduces the cost of claims, litigation, and noncompliance with integrated, real-time, actionable safety and risk intelligence.
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