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August 18, 2020
Risk@Work is Riskonnect’s educational webinar series for risk management professionals
Featuring: David Baylis and Luke Guilliam

Life After Lockdown: How to Restart Right

Navigating the coronavirus pandemic has been, for many, an exercise of forced adaptations, creative workarounds, and difficult choices. And a cloud of uncertainty still obscures the horizon.

The business of managing risk, as we knew it, cannot – should not – return to the way it was. It needs to be reinvented. Everything is on the table – and everyone is now listening to risk professionals.

This is your opportunity to create positive, productive, and lasting change that will make your company more resilient for the next crisis.

Life After Lockdown: How to Restart Right will go through strategies to recover stronger, build resilience, and restart right to withstand whatever comes next.

August 27, 2020
Risk@Work is Riskonnect’s educational webinar series for risk management professionals
Featuring: Lisa Rawls,Eric Parker, Scott Fenstermaker

Creating Sustainable Change For An Effective GRC Journey

Taking on a GRC initiative can be transformational for an organization. There are so many moving parts associated with managing change on the technical side, the human side often gets overlooked.

Successful GRC initiatives go beyond technical requirements and have a deliberate strategy for managing changing processes, reporting, expectations, anxieties – and all other aspects that will impact daily lives.

GRC experts Lisa Rawls and Eric Parker, both of KPMG, will lead this session, where you will learn:

  • What components are key to creating sustainable change to a GRC program
  • What impact a GRC initiative will have on workplace culture
  • How to encourage users to embrace the new GRC landscape



WEBINAR Risk and Compliance Resilience
September 22, 2020
Kerwyn Velasco and Jannie Wentzel

How to Build Risk and Compliance Resilience into Organizations of the Future

The coronavirus pandemic has shown that the traditional way of managing risk and compliance fails when tested by fast-moving, interconnected risks. Companies that could not get their hands on complete, timely, and accurate risk and compliance data. When the pandemic first hit were – and are – at an enormous disadvantage.

In fact, in a recent survey conducted by Compliance Week, nearly half of organizations felt the current pandemic revealed a need to improve GRC processes and technology. Join this webinar as we explore ways to construct more resilient risk and compliance functions of the future.
You’ll learn:

  • Steps you can take to better prepare for the next crisis
  • How to leverage integrated risk management technology to get facts quickly – and use those facts to inform your crisis response strategy
  • How integrated risk management technology gives you the 360-degree vision to make informed, intelligent decisions at the speed events unfold
  • How to create positive, productive, and lasting changes that will make your company more resilient for the next crisis

OCEG webinar
September 17, 2020
Earn CPE Credit!
Kerwyn Velasco and Carole Switzer

Achieving LeanGRC

Faced with tighter control over resources and less available credit, many companies are cutting GRC budgets at the very time when the need to improve transparency, enable risk intelligent decisions, and ensure compliance is greater than ever. In response to this challenge, there is a clear and present need for what OCEG calls LeanGRC, a management approach applying Lean Production principles to GRC capabilities.

In this webinar, we discuss how to apply Lean principles to GRC capabilities for greater growth and profitability. When Lean principles are not applied, risk management and compliance activities have numerous weaknesses that lead to high costs, wasted effort and lack of quality information.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to apply Lean Principles to GRC
  • Define key aspects of LeanGRC including:
    • LeanGRC Organizational Planning
    • Lean Information Management
    • Lean Policy Management
    • Lean Risk Assessment
    • Lean Detection and Enforcement



October 29, 2020
Risk@Work is Riskonnect’s educational webinar series for risk management professionals
Featuring: Jason Mefford

Selling the Concept of Integrated Risk Management to Executives and the Board

Before you can really get rockin’ in your IRM efforts, you need the commitment of executives and the board — or you could find yourself banging your head against the wall.

To sell the concept of Integrated Risk Management, start by clarifying what executives and the board want and pitch using language that will resonate with them.

In this session, Jason Mefford, a rock star in internal audit, risk, and compliance will discuss:

  • The two major approaches organizations take in managing risk
  • The best way to clearly explain the benefits of Integrated Risk Management
  • The basics of influence so you can effectively pitch to executives and the board
  • Tactics to link your IRM efforts to key organizational objectives
  • The easiest method to develop a business case for IRM efforts

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