Active Risk Manager

Riskonnect’s Active Risk Manager software helps you effectively manage risks from the project level up through the enterprise.

View risk from every perspective. Visualize risk at project, program, and enterprise levels – as well as the relationships between risks – to make more effective decisions.

Understand the upstream and downstream impacts of project risks. Prioritize risk-mitigation activities that have the greatest reach.

Avoid small problems that add up to big disruptions. Aggregate risk data from frontline projects to spot trends and address threats from an enterprise vantage point.

Active Risk Manager

Product Highlights:

Get a Bird’s-Eye View of What’s Happening on the Ground

If you are only aware of individual risks to each project, how are you supposed to make the all-important connections between risks that impact multiple projects – or roll up critical risk data into a board report? Riskonnect’s Active Risk Manager software helps you understand risk at every level and easily aggregate the data at the enterprise level.

  • Seamlessly manage risk from project to enterprise level within the same risk register.
  • Spot growing risks and emerging trends across projects.
  • Easily collaborate on decisions to ensure that project goals are met on schedule and on budget.
  • Show collaborators relevant information based on security controls, not necessarily every data point.

Don’t Tie Up Resources Unnecessarily

How much should you set aside for contingencies? Riskonnect’s Active Risk Manager software uses sophisticated analytical tools to help you confidently predict project costs, time frame, and variability.

  • Capture data from construction managers, engineers, and other non-risk professionals with an intuitive interface that’s easy to navigate even for occasional users.
  • Optimize where and how resources are allocated to ensure your contingency fund provides a reasonable cushion without wasting resources.
  • Understand how risk affects the bottom line so your money can be effectively budgeted.
Don't get tied up with ARM

Stay on Track from
Start to Finish

Feeling the pressure to deliver perfectly to strict specifications on time and on budget? Riskonnect’s Active Risk Manager software automates every step of the risk lifecycle to help you proactively manage risks and successfully complete projects.

  • Streamline administrative tasks, easily make configuration changes (e.g., adding scoring schemes, modifying the folder structure, and creating new record options), and get to go-live quickly.
  • Use API integrations to seamlessly connect your risk data with other systems, including data warehouses and visualization tools.
  • Adjust project schedules based on risk data to minimize unanticipated costs and schedule slippage.
  • Maintain a library of risk information with past experience data and lessons learned to guide future projects.

Meet Special Industry Requirements

Riskonnect’s Active Risk Manager software offers both secure cloud hosting and on-premises configurations to meet the exacting hosting and security requirements of certain industries.

  • Standard frameworks – including ISO 31000, COSO, PMBOK, GAO
  • Industry frameworks – including DOD RIO guide, OMB A-123, OMB A-11, FAA risk management policy
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