Why Healthcare Risk Management is Ripe for Innovation in 2023

Join us for this live, 30-minute webinar in a fireside chat format.
As one tech-savvy physician recently put it, “we’re practicing medicine with the most sophisticated technology in history, but we’re still keeping safety reminders on sticky notes.”

Digital transformation and interoperability don’t have to be limited to just clinical information systems; risk management technology for healthcare has also advanced and can provide material benefits to provider organizations: from improving their relationships with patients, providers and payers, to reducing IT cost, complexity and vulnerability, to positioning them to more efficiently and effectively manage both existing risks as well as the “new” risks for 2023.

In this session you’ll learn what innovative risk management technology looks like, and three ways it can help healthcare provider organizations:
  • Better inform – and improve – their relationships with patients, providers and payers
  • Create end-to-end alignment and accountability for risk identification and remediation/prevention
  • Allow risk management programs to scale to encompass emerging risks like health equity and organizational resiliency.