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Do you know which COIs
are expiring or out of compliance?

Manually keeping track of incoming certificates of insurance (COIs), which COIs are about to expire, and which are out of compliance with your requirements is complicated and time-consuming. It’s all too easy for an underinsured vendor to slip through the cracks.

One Source

Riskonnect’s Certificate Management software automates administration, streamlines workflows, and tracks compliance of COIs to reduce your exposure from vendors, contractors, tenants, suppliers, and other third parties.


  • Provides quick access to all COIs through a web portal.
  • Automatically generates standardized emails with your requirements to new vendors.
  • Displays all COIs in one place using a variety of formats.


  • Sets coverage, insurance limits, A.M. Best insurer rankings, and other minimum requirements using preconfigured rules – or using your own customized rules based on the type of vendor.
  • Automatically verifies if a certificate is in or out of compliance with your requirements.
  • Documents out-of-compliance certificates to be reviewed, corrected, and/or overridden.
  • Records an audit trail of exception handling and certificate amendments, including the specific reason, date, and user information.


  • Continuously identifies out-of-compliance certificates.
  • Automatically notifies and follows up with vendors that are out of compliance.
  • Tracks proof-of-insurance coverage and when policy expiration dates are approaching.

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