Senior Managers & Certification Regime (SMCR)

Riskonnect’s software provides end-to-end support for SMCR compliance with FCA regulations.

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Struggling to manage SMCR compliance?

The Senior Managers & Certification Regime can have a noticeably beneficial impact on financial services organizations. It provides clear accountability among managers and helps to promote a culture that prioritizes the long-term interests of firms and their customers. Yet jumping through all of the regulatory hoops can be time-consuming, expensive, and prone to human error.

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One Source of Truth

Riskonnect’s SMCR software manages the full SMCR compliance process. The software consolidates all senior management responsibilities and related risk and control information into one centralized, cloud-based location. It automates administration, streamlines workflows, and facilitates reporting, allowing you to easily capture information, analyze data, and report results to regulators on an ongoing basis.

Maps Senior-Level Positions

Creates visual, interactive maps of positions and responsibilities, and provides a formal view to share internally.

Communicates clear accountability to all stakeholders.

Documents management and governance arrangements.

Automates Tracking and Reporting

Assigns tasks and tracks approval status.

Sets reminders, records completions, attaches documents, and shares notes.

Produces real-time reports with minimal clicks on any input data, including approval status, assignment of responsibilities, and identification of shared responsibilities.

Accelerates the compliance process and encourages collaboration.

Manages Certifications

Consolidates documentation into one source of truth.

Produces Statements of Responsibility (SoR) for senior managers and certificates for certified persons.

Creates and sends self-assessment surveys and attestations.

“We were using Excel spreadsheets and we really wanted a solution that would enable us to put integrated reporting in place. Using Riskonnect everything is there at the click of a button. We have the data we need in front of us all the time in real-time..”
– Wayne Langan,
Enterprise Risk Manager, Leeds Building Society

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Transforming Compliance from Check-the-Box to Champion

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RFP Template for Compliance

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