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Software that simplifies tracking and administration of policies and procedures

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Spending too much time tracking down policies and verifying compliance?

Corporate policies are created for a reason – to manage identified risks. But how are you supposed to follow the rules if they are buried in paper documents, local hard drives, or shared files? With no single repository, companies can end up with a mishmash of rogue or out-of-date policies that send conflicting messages about acceptable behavior – and expose the organization to greater liability.

Every Policy at Your Fingertips

Riskonnect’s Corporate Policy Management software simplifies tracking and administration of policies and procedures. All key policies, attestations, and exceptions are maintained in one, easily accessible location. The software layers in out-of-the-box workflows and documents tasks, versions, approvals, and training.


Collects relevant policy metadata, key dates, and other important information for easy reporting and filtering.

Establishes consistency and accountability across policies, objectives, third parties, regulations, risks, and controls.

Maintains specific policy statements, along with associated files, versions, and attestation records and campaigns.

Preserves files used to create the policy, and logs all activities and changes associated with review and approval.


Monitors exceptions, identifies violations, and reports on relationships for each policy.

Provides a portal for internal and external users to easily submit attestations and exceptions.

Centralizes access to policies for easy browsing./strong>

Facilitates training by associating questions and quiz elements according to regulatory compliance assessment structure.

Validates that respondents understand to what is being attested.


Filters by policy, regulation, domain, vendor, title, owner, and more.

Identifies areas of with high exceptions and violations.

Promotes better decision-making with customized dashboards and point-and-click reporting.

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