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Are you racking up fines over problems
with workers’ compensation filings?

Electronically filing timely and accurate First Report of Injury (FROI) and Subsequent Report of Injury (SROI) reports is incredibly complex – especially since each state sets its own ever-changing requirements. And if you fail to report accurate and timely data, you may be in for substantial fines, penalties, and even litigation.

Stay in Compliance

Riskonnect’s Electronic Report of Injury solution automatically completes and sends complex electronic filings for FROI and SROI to keep you compliant with state workers’ compensation requirements.


  • Uses existing claim data to populate FROI/SROI fields as required by each state.
  • Seamlessly sends your scheduled EDI (electronic data interchange) reports to all states that require or accept submission via the standard IAIABC format.
  • Accommodates the Washington state SEIDERS reporting requirement.


  • Takes the guesswork out of EDI sequencing by automating the creation of certain reporting events throughout the life of a claim.
  • Maintains a complete library of current state forms, which are updated whenever regulations change.
  • Allows you to easily edit and transmit the data to claims.


  • Automatically validates data according to the rules of the jurisdiction before submission.
  • Helps avoid erroneous or late filings – and the resulting penalties.

Riskonnect’s Claims Regulatory Compliance Services

Riskonnect has a dedicated team of highly experienced professionals with deep industry and regulatory knowledge that constantly monitor state rule and regulation changes, including electronic submission requirements and other claims compliance analysis activities. Our experts remain on the leading edge of jurisdictional requirements by holding membership positions with the IAIABC.

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